HPPR User Manual





The first page for the HPPR system is for a user to specify what type of role they will partake.  Public internet users should always select ‘Viewer (Read-Only)’.  Figure 1 below shows the page.



Figure 1

Main Page


After logging in, the user is presented with the types of objects that may be reviewed.  Simply select the type to work with by clicking the appropriate radio button.  Figure 2b shows a sample screenshot.


Figure 2b


A user may return to the Main Page at any time by clicking the ‘Main Page’ link in the blue header.  Some pages will have an ‘Initial Page’ link in the blue header instead of the ‘Main Page’ link.  The ‘Initial Page’ will navigate the user back to the initial page (Figure 1).


Search Page


The user is now presented with a set of search options.  Users may search by the status of a change order/contract or by contract information.  Figure 2 shows a sample screenshot.


Figure 2


View by Status


Figure 3 demonstrates a user searching by the status of a change order/contract.  A user may select from one of the following status types:


1)                  All

2)                  In Progress

3)                  Waiver Granted



Figure 3


View by Change Order Contract Information


Figure 5 demonstrates a user searching by the contract information for a change order.  The contract number is always required but the authorization number is optional.



Figure 5

View by Construction Awarded Contract Information


Figure 5b demonstrates a user searching by the contract information for a contract.  There are three fields that may be searched on: Contract number, notice expiration date, and IDOT reference number.  At least one needs to be supplied, but up to three may be as well.  If more than one is supplied, the search will perform an “and” search with the supplied fields.



Figure 5b


Viewing Search Results


Once a user has performed a search, he/she will be taken to a page that has a list of change orders/contracts that met the criteria (Figure 5).  A user may choose to view the details of a specific item by clicking on the specific link under the ‘Contract’ column.


Figure 5



Change Order/Contract Details


Figure 6 shows the page a user will see if he/she clicked on a link from the previous page.


Figure 6