Illinois Fatal Crash Data for 2014:
A Snapshot View

As of September 22, 2014

The fatality data provided below is provisional and is based on information submitted to IDOT for fatal crashes occurring on all roadways within the state. The data is updated as information is received from various agencies throughout the state.
Fatal Crashes 580
Fatalities 628
Fatalities Last Year to Date 733
Change -105
Restraint Usage: Data does not include fatalities where restraint usage was unknown. (Example: an emergency rescue team arrives before the police, and usage is not reported.)
Restraint Used 193
Restraint Not Used or Used Improperly 171
Driver Licensing: Fatal crashes where driver(s), either surviving or deceased, did not have a valid driver's license at the time of the crash. Data includes drivers who were unlicensed, suspended, revoked, expired, cancelled or denied.
Unlicensed Drivers 81

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Illinois Fatal Crash Summary