Effective March 1, 2006 prior to awarding any contract or entering into any agreement, state agencies are required to inquire, using the vendor FEIN or SSN, the Comptrollers Offset System to determine if any delinquent debt has been placed by a state agency. This inquiry shall be made for the prime vendor and each known subcontractor/sub consultant.

Any bidder/offerer as a prime contractor or consultant that is found to have delinquent debt will be considered not responsive. No award can be made.

If a subcontractor/subconsultant is found to have delinquent debt approval can not be given until the debt has been satisfied. The Department will notify the prime contractor/consultant when a subcontractor/subconsultant is found to be delinquent.

A firm may contact The Office of the Comptroller to determine if they have delinquent debt. All consultants, contractors, subconsultants and subcontractors are strongly encouraged to do so now, and to satisfy any outstanding debt/issues, to avoid their bid/proposal being declared not responsive or delays in award due to subcontractor/subconsultant issues.

Questions concerning consultants and/or subconsultants may be directed to Cheryl Cathey at 217-782-7557.

Questions concerning contractors and/or subcontractors may be directed to Jim Duncan at 217-782-7806.