IDOT NEWSFLASH: Quantities for Item 124, Contract 95522 are now available.

ITEM 124

Below are the approximate major quantities for this item. They will also be in the Revision Bulletin. If you have any questions please feel free to contact Jim Duncan at 217-782-7806.

287 tree removal; 758 cu yds earth excavation; 223 cu yds porous granular embankment; 373 sq yds pavement removal; 1,223 sq ft sidewalk removal; 470 sq yds PCC base course; 74 tons HMA surface course; 1,828 sq ft PCC sidewalk; 488 ft combination curb and gutter; removal of existing structure; 399 cu yds structure excavation; 5,338 lbs reinforcement bars, epoxy coated; 945 ft furnishing and driving steel piles; 46.8 ft three-sided precast concrete structure, 32 x 10; 2,046 sq ft segmental concrete blockwall; 78 ft texas combination concrete railing; 60 ft storm sewer; 275 sq yds articulated block revetment mat; traffic control and protection; Federally funded. (Completion Date: May 1, 2008) (Job No. C-97-075-07) (7-10383-0000) (0.00% DBE)