August 4, 2006 Letting
Item 21A
Contract No. AU062
Aurora Municipal Airport
KANE County

In an effort to increase bidding competition and opportunities for non-IDOT pre-qualified and IDOT pre-qualified contractors, the electrical work on this project is being considered a specialty item. Civil and electrical primes will both be allowed to bid on this project.
In addition, non-IDOT pre-qualified contractors with unique, specialized capabilities relevant to the electrical scope of work will be approved to provide sub-contracting services subject to the following requirements:

Non-IDOT pre-qualified contractors who can demonstrate successful installation of a Category I or higher Instrument Landing System within the past five years will be allowed to provide sub-contracting services for this project. Review of contractor qualifications for non-IDOT pre-qualified contractors will be conducted upon request. All non-IDOT pre-qualified contractors will be required to provide satisfactory evidence of the successful installation of all instrument landing system components (specifically glide slope, localizer and MALSR components).

For non-IDOT pre-qualified contractors, registration as an IDOT sub-contractor is required. The Sub-contractor Registration Form may be accessed on the IDOT website at link to Doing Business/Contractor Services.

Qualifications packages may be sent to:

Alan Mlacnik, P.E.
Acting Engineer of Design
IDOT, Division of Aeronautics
Abraham Lincoln Capital Airport
1 Langhorne Bond Drive
Springfield, Illinois 62707-8415


Tele: (217) 785-4884
Fax: (217) 785-4533