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 Community Advisory Group - Membership Application

Reason you want to join CAG
Best way to reach you
I am submitting this request to become a member of the Community Advisory Group (CAG) for the Illinois 4/15 Kaskaskia River Bridge Study. The CAG is a group of voluntary community members, including study area residents, businesses, and property owners, representing a broad range of interests. The community-based working group provides input to IDOT during the planning and design process to identify stakeholder interests and values, provide feedback on improvement options, and assist IDOT in evaluating the potential effects of those options on community resources.
CAG Responsibilities
Please read confirm your understanding of the following responsibilities required
of all CAG members. If I am selected to be a member of the CAG for the Illinois 4/15 Kaskaskia
River Bridge Study, I understand that it is my responsibility:

  • To attend and be on time to all CAG meetings. I understand that these commitments extend through the completion of the study. This may include up to three evening meetings through early 2023. I understand that the timing or number of meetings may change.
  • To stay well informed of study issues. This may include reviewing informational materials between CAG meetings.
  • To assist IDOT in planning and design efforts related to proposed improvements for the replacement of the bridge carrying Illinois 4/15 over the Kaskaskia River.
  • To create awareness of the study and promote open communication within the group and community.
  • To provide two-way communication between IDOT and stakeholders by communicating stakeholder interests and concerns to IDOT and sharing IDOT concerns and perspectives with stakeholders.